Table of Contents from Your Own Private Tuscany
Table of Contents from Your Own Private Tuscany
Table of Contents

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  Table of Contents      
My Own Private Tuscany: A Typical Day in Paradise
  La Fantasia: An Italian Vacation Rental  
  Is a Vacation Rental the Right Choice for your Holiday?  
  The Advantages of Vacation Rentals over Hotels  
  Types of Vacation Rentals  
  La Bella Italia: Where to Go  
  The Best Time to Travel  
  The Nitty Gritty: How Much Will it Cost?  
  The Realities of an Italian Rental  
  Some Notes on Travelling with Groups  
  Travelling with Children  
  Tools for Finding the Perfect Rental  
      The Internet vs. catalogues
The ideal website
Some popular agencies
  The Search is On: Finding your Vacation Home
      How do I find a cheaper rental?
The essential questions:
- A renter’s checklist
  The Renter's Responsibilities
  Car Rental
  Arriving at your Rental
  Restaurants vs. Cooking for Yourself

Dining out in Italian restaurants
When in Rome…
- The etiquette of eating in Italy

  Food Shopping and Cooking in Italy
  Additional Activities
Cooking classes
      Arrivaderci, Italia
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