Your Own Private Tuscany
Your Own Private Tuscany
Your Own Private Tuscany

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to renting an enchanting villa in Italy!

Imagine yourself enjoying a few idyllic weeks in Italy...
...staying in a lovingly restored historic villa or apartment, exploring vibrant villages and towns, and seeking out art treasures in tumble-down churches. Picture yourself wandering along streets that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries, shopping for antiques, fine wines and the latest fashions. Dine in rustic country trattorias, chic city restaurants, or try your hand at cooking authentic Italian meals in your own villa kitchen.

If you thought that this kind of vacation was only for the super-wealthy,
you are in for a surprise.

Your Own Private Tuscany is the first guide that helps you turn this fantasy into an affordable reality. This book is packed with practical information and honest insights including:

  • The key things you need to know to help you find your dream get-away
  • Using the Internet to your advantage to search for a villa that won't break the bank
  • Descriptions and contact information for many reputable rental agencies
  • Advice on restaurant dining, cooking, and food shopping
  • Tips on driving, safety, and travelling with groups and children
  • How to travel beyond Tuscany - to major centres like Rome and Venice, or far-flung provinces like Sardinia and Emilia Romagna [more about this book].
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